Wednesday, April 16, 2008

today is a special day...................................

Today our bees came you can read all about it here on my new blog just for all things bee related. and in honor of my bees, my little mind has been crawling with crafty bee ideas. I'm hard at work here on the homestead and feeling great about all my projects. so be on the look out for some shop news soon .
later alligators,

Thursday, April 03, 2008

hello, hello dear readers

It's been awhile, aye! We have been very busy here at the Southwell homestead as of late. Dwight, has had us lots of landscape business,so I've spent the better part of the last two weeks at my in-laws helping out with all the work {which I love doing, don't take that as a complaint ,it's just a description.} And on Sunday, Dwight came to help me pick up our new-to-us beekeeping equipment! So Justin and I have been tying to figure out what else we need to start and cleaning up the hives we have. I think we got it all figured out and ordered today.{I really hope so because the bee's have been ordered, too!} We are gonna start with two hives in our yard so we can learn our self on the subject, but Justin would eventually like to make it another service of lavenders' blue, by setting our hives up in peoples yards as a pollination service, then we would take care of the hive(s) and your flowers will be the bomb:) and when we harvest the hive you get some of the honey for free. We have not even gotten our hives set up ,heck I've only had the stuff for a week!, and we already have people asking us about it. {Just goes to prove how blessed we are.} Here's to a good thing!(i really hope!)
Oh here's a new picture of my hand. Sorry it's so blurry I wanted to retake it but my digi-cam keeps wanting to die on me. I'm afraid it's time for a new one, but it's gonna have to wait awhile. I'm looking nice and pink these days just a little scabbed bit left now. My index finger is still a bit stiff, but I'm working on that. I'm back to doing most things with this hand but some things are still awkward, like my writing is really messy right now and I'm still not hand sewing very well, oh and my grip is weak and a bit awkward with my right hand (mostly because I can't bend my index finger all the way.)
Oh! Have you seen this movie? It's my new favorite! I have been so inspired from this movie I have a few things in mind for the shop after seeing it! i don't want to tell you what but be looking :)
Do you looooooooooove radishes? Cause I do! So I'm growing some in these pots. Justin had to thin them out today so I ate them:) dirt and all! they were just barely out of the seedling stage but tasted very radish-y still. Yummy! yum! yum! yum!:) This Kind is called the french dressing radish and it's supposed to grow a long root. I'm so excited for them !
Oh! Made this the other day! My very first pork butt! Justin put it on for me before he left for work, but I took care of it all day long all by my self. I think he was quit proud of me for it, he made the comment that I was trying to steel his place in the BBQ contest! I told him I was just trying not to mess it up!, but I was glad it liked it so much. {as I believe all chefs are, Justin, is quit the food Nazi and if I had messed this up I would have never heard the end of it. :( }
I was really excited the other day when I went to the quilt store and found pink flat pins. I'm sure lots of people already have these . But for me they where such a treat to find! I had never seen them before and I could hardly contain my excitement as I took them to the register. Especially since I had actually needing another box of pins anyway!well, I guess that's all I have to say today. I'll leave you with some pretty spring cards I've been making.
later alligators,