Sunday, December 31, 2006

i may be bias but SWEET WALL ART !

ok i planned them out last night and make them this morning. the frames are from micheals ($1.00 each) i spraypainted them black and sanded them down after they dryed. the paper is cut 4x6 (basic grey crush "amire") this chipboard is etcetera(a couple different sets)

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

this makes me so happy!!!!!!!!

my new shelves! $14.95 each and a can of black spray paint from Micheal's and I'm in heaven and I'm only out $35.00. but I'm dieing to go get some more. i'm thinking ill but two more next to these three more on the opposite side of the room.

Saturday, December 23, 2006


sorry to be MIA lately a lot has happened in a week. i turned 24 on the 18Th . yippee although i doubt I'll be saying that next year when i turn 25 ha! I'm off till next Thursday ya! i baked some cookies this morning yum. i finished up Christina's and Christy's tins. but i still have work to due lots of classes to get planned. tomorrow we are doing the rest of our shopping then going to my moms. I'm so excited I'm looking forward to taking pics of gage opening his presents. i think he is gonna love the g.i. Joe uncle Justin picked out for him. and it will be fun to watch him find all the goody's i tucked away in his new back pack! really can't wait till Christmas when we go up to the farm. I'm hoping to get some good shots with my new camera. anyway I'm out of stuff to say. i have to get back to work. got a book i need to do quickly for a client. stupid people don't even call to tell me what they want me to do but then calls tonight wanting to now if i was done. ha! i mean i can be quick with it but i need to know what the heck you want me to do! anyway I'm gonna do my best to get it done tonight, tomorrow is Christmas eve. you know. I'm not completely heartless. but dang call me that same day and give me some direction.

Friday, December 15, 2006

thank you emily!!!!!!!!!
ok guys seriously hours of holly jolly goodness. thanks to emily falconbridge. your blog has been an inspiration tonight. it has saved me from a humdrum evening waiting for my huney to get home from work. which by the way he told me he would be late because the violet masons are playing at the turtle. i don't know what i want more for us to live closer to fernandina or if i want him to work closer to st marys.

accident update

OK so i have a rental car now. still no word on anything else. i only got the car because i called my insurance and cried because i had been having trouble getting a hold of the other guys insurance and i was gonna be stranded at work with no way to get home. so ashley(thank you jesus for progressive insurance. you guys are the best i will never change companys after this) called there manager and i had a car that night!

fancy pants designs DT call Entry

so i completely understand that I'm a long shot for this but i just could not stand the thought of all my friends trying out and me just not even giving it a go. so here is what i entered plus the essay they wanted (not really an essay but once you get the bio, experience, and a few words why you want to be picked it sure looks like one) i think i gave a strong showing but i know there has to be tons of people just as good or better also trying out. so I'm not gonna get my hopes to high. it was a lot of fun to do these though. my favorites are glow and the note tin (that one is gonna double as a x-mas gift for my mommy-in-law, between her and my own mommy i get a lot of encouragement with this stuff and they really do help me to get better . art is one thing I've always been very good at and scrapbooking is a favorite to express this, and it's good to know that it is appreciated .

Saturday, December 09, 2006

cocktail anyone

OK so being rear ended is the suck of the world. and yes it could have been worse and yes I'm thankful it was not. but it's still the suck of the world. anyway this happened on Monday(12/4) on my way home from walmart to make dinner. now I'm not one for pain in any form but I'm also not one to let it stop me from doing what needs to be done (most of the time) but i have to say WHIPLASH ROYALLY SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
my back hurts, my arms hurt, my neck hurts, my stomach hurts. when i went to the ER they only gave me 800mg Motrin and something else that turned out to be extra strength asudomediphan (sp?) so i could function but was still in a lot of pain from the muscle spasms(they suck) so when i went to see doctor butcher yesterday he gave me muscle relaxers which make me way more comfortable and I'm able to do tasks around my home with minimal pain until i finally succumb to the sleep that they bring on.
anyway there is way more to tell but that's about all that i have the energy for today. I'll go on later.

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Happy Birthday to ME!!!!!!!!!!!

thank you honey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i love it like it was my first born (although I'm sure i would not say that if we had kids ; ) OK so if you ain't know. this is my new to me in perfect condition Nikon n80 and it absolutely RAWKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i will be rock'n out with my socks out when i go back to school. i spent 2 hours on the phone with James tonight, had him explaining every single nob on it to me. he's the best to talk camera with, Justin gets to frustrated with me.
i need to order a manual for it though, still. I'll have to start looking for one. man I'm so glad it's here, i was hoping so all day today at work. had ants in my pants you know. sweet! OK that's all i got for now.