Tuesday, January 30, 2007

hello to all.

well i guess it has been a while. i've been around, very busy though. i finally got a new car, its very nice an acura vigor or as my step dad says "the cadillac of honda" ; ) it has black leather interior, a sun roof, power everything and only 100,000 miles (this is impressive because it's a '93!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) and the paint is in excellent condition. love this car!
anyway justin had to fire his new line cook earlier this month, the guys was a total drunk. he came to work "5" sheets to the wind (he was so drunk his rag was on fire ON HIS HAND and he did not even feel it! so justin told him to go home. well instead he went to the bathroom and chug'd 2 bottles ($200 worth) of wine that he stole off the wine rack(they also found his underwear in the trash the next day in the trash, he had been so druck befor stealing the wine that he craped him self! yuck!) well after he did this justin had not other options but to fire the guy. i just don't understand how a 30 year old man can let him self be this way. even at their drunkest of anyone in my whole life i have NEVER known someone this wasted. well this was at about 3:00pm that this all went down for the hubby. the worst for justin can at about 9:00 went the guys girlfreind came to pick him up and he has to tell her that "jack" did not work there any more and that he had not seen him since the afternoon . i felt so bad for the poor girl she has just moved out here from arizona to be with that guy and he was all she had. he said he could see the tears start to well up in here eyes. anyway the worst for "jack" came later. well here, i'll let you guys read for your self this is the arrest report from one of our local papers:

Monday, January 08, 2007

i am in pain and nothing is working

OK so i know I'm out of shape, but this is ridiculous. J bought me "Carmen Electra aerobic striptease" yesterday the workout was fun and easy but still a good workout that had my whole body stretched. Well today I got my period and my cramps are unbelievable! I've tried a hot shower, the massage thing, a nap and now some Advil. I just hate that it's this hard to function. It just seems like every time I get my period everything that used to hurt starts hurting again, and I just can't seem to get past it . This is when I hate my body.

Meet the farm chicks, they rock!!

Sunday, January 07, 2007

i loooove urban outfitters !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love coats and these two are the bee's knee's but that houndstooth one is like $450

This is like the best Georgia shirt i have ever seen totally worth the 38$ they want to be this sweet during the GA/FL game.

This shirt just rocks I'd wear it everyday with my red polka dot headband and red bangle.
I want this hanging in my office j loves pirates and I love birds!
These jams rock out.

So I'm always on Justin's nerves with the light in the office so he said to get one for my work corner and I think I'm partial to these hanging ones. These are the one's I liked best from ub.

I want this rug and these curtains for my office.

cool blogs

ok so i'm gonna search scrab blogs for some sweet new blogs for my list and post the links here for you guys to take a look ; )
http://ashleycalder.blogspot.com// ashley calder has been rock'n it for a while.
http://emilypowers.typepad.com/inbloom/ this chick has some rock'n digi stuff
http://mayaroadandme.blogspot.com// love her company, love her blog
http://www.myscrapblog.com/HollyPittroff/ just want to keep my eyes on her cause she made the FPDT
http://abiteast.typepad.com/ awsome
http://angiepedersen.typepad.com/sb_industry_news/ informative
http://www.staceygeorge.blogspot.com/ cool
http://zgreenham.blogspot.com// cool
http://tenikamorrison.blogspot.com// cool
ok i'm done with this

cool, very cool, super cool

OK so tonight I felt like leaving comments in the gallery's but gees I can never think of anything to say so I decided to make myself a system 8) cool, very cool, and super cool, oh and for the lucky girls I've been a fan of forever they may get an always cool here and again. It's way easier for me too, no super spelling powers required. Anyway to my other story I saw this chicks work over at scrapjazz the other day and thought she was totally rock'n it, but her link to her blog was busted. Then tonight I'm over at KMA and I found her again and her link works so here you guys go, take a look, get inspired ; )http://lifeintheobrienhouse.blogspot.com/

Saturday, January 06, 2007

looove loveshack!

and rock lobster(another b52's song) ain't bad either ; )
justins new favorite layout of mine! he said it looks like flash animation!

what i did today. 1/6/2007

well i cleaned out most of the day. then i cleaned a little house then i went to walmart and got these for a dollar each. and a couple of these for $.88 each. then a made this for hubby because he's been in recipe inventing mode latelynow i'm playing with this and cleaning at the same time,oh and talking to you guys :)

thanks for the inspiration jenelle!

http://mugsyboo.blogspot.com/ Jenelle sent me this one this morning. first time I've seen it but miss Martha Bonneau is simply brilliant, i think I'll be visiting often for a dose of inspiration! ; )

brilliant idea for a baby's nursery....

just had to save and share so i can remember when the time comes, Hilary Lang is simply brilliant! such good taste. you can find her here: http://weewonderfuls.typepad.com/wee_wonderfuls/

oh my gosh i need this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

or any of this stuff! looooove it!

Friday, January 05, 2007

Maya Road contest at Scrapbbokheavenga.com

i hope to see you guys enter over there! it's gonna be a really great contest.
Maya Road Contest Gallery-The Maya Road contest will open for entries january 1st, 2007-Contest entries must be uploaded by midnight (EST) on the deadline date (January 31, 2007) to be eligible. -Contest winners will be announced Febuary 5, 2007-entries must be uploaded to our Maya Road Contest gallery to by eligible to win. please no more than two entries per person. -Entries must include 70% of maya road products featured for the contest to be eligible.- designs must be original work. Scraplifted designs are not eligible for the contests.-items accepted are layouts(any size), altered items, and albums using Maya Road products. -Design Team members of Maya Road are not eligible for the contest.-Scrapbook Heaven design team members are not eligible to win the contests. -International entries (outside the US and Canada) are NOT accepted.as always our talented design team will be judgeing this contest. 1st prize is a generous prize package from Maya Road 2nd prize is a small prize from Maya Road and one of our monthly kits (a $25 value)good luck ladys and happy scrapp'n! from all of us at scrapbook heaven