Saturday, April 28, 2007

my very last bit

of dt work for . if you have never checked them out go now it really is a great site i'll miss it there.

so i had happy email today

A minor accomplishment in the scrapbook industry but anything is something to be proud of . one of my layouts made it on to the inspiration section of the newsletter. they don't tell you those things ahead of time so it was a happy surprise when i opened my email {^_^}. it's my cute house layout that's in the above post(* i had a link but when i checked it, it took me to my email and as much as i love you guys i don't want you there ; )
anywho that was my good news my not bad but kind of sad news is I'm off the inspire me card kits DT. Dannie needed a change and sadly i was not to be a part of it. but i will not linger on this i take it as a sign that i needed a change too. guess I'll need to be frequenting pub calls now ; P

Thursday, April 26, 2007


I was at slide dot com and made you guys some yummy new eye candy. see side bar. sorry i've been gone life gets away from me at times.