Tuesday, November 28, 2006

for all you sewing divas out there

let me just say i am in love with this site www.weewonderfuls.com hilary you rock! this is pointy kitty and wee bunny. freebie patterns from her site. let me just say i have never sewn anything this small. it was a little tough but it's not gonna stop me from makeing a whole ton of kitty's and bunny's. if you get the notion go download the patterns and make your own. they are so cute and fun. oh and i can't wait to get the spaceboy and robot patterns! yum!

Monday, November 27, 2006

Slo-Mo Home Depot

haha oh my gosh this is to funny. don't you wish you could have been there! sorry for all the videos today guys. i'm over here at you tube haveing a good time. just learned a new trick you know :)

london bridge

you just can't stop this girl.

this song so rocks!

i'm sorry to all my gwen love'n freinds , but fergie is rock'n it harder these days. don't get me wrong i'm still a big gwen fan but fregies beats off the duchess are hot.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

a cup of tea

so its late and I'm catching up here and with my scrapping I've been working on my paper project today for the fancy pants DT submission. it's cute, it's for my sweetheart it was his chocolate box from last years valentines day. I'll start my layouts tomorrow. it should go fairly fast. i need to get my pictures from thanks giving developed i may have some cool stuff on there. i made a jello mold tonight,cherry. Justin fell asleep before he could have any. poor guy he's so exhausted form work, not to mention all the stuff we have going on at home. life is mostly good most of the time, but some times your down and though we are OK, still in love, still talking, and still growing stronger in our marriage. we are being tested and that is a strain. but i trust in the lord and my faith will make me stronger as our bond is tested. i know i love Justin and he loves me, what does not kill us makes us stronger,and the lord is great and will protect us and help us through what ever troubles we may face. but for now i will sit and drink my tea, ponder life, and continue my work. until next time. night.

thanksgiving at the farm.

thanksgiving at maw maws. peaceful feelings come over me when i am there. the farm is beautiful in the fall. i can't wait to visit again. i am bless to be able to experience this and i hope for many more to come.

Monday, November 20, 2006

Look what i got!!!!!!!!!

my honey bunny got it for me out of the claw machine: ) love that he still gets these for me. this one is an extra cool little rainbow bug thing with sparkle-y wings. i just love that little think .he made my day for a dollar!

a few pages just because i wanted to.

that feels good to say and do! i did these for nothing more than to please myself. true loves kiss is using fancy pants and autunm leaves stamps. adored is using karen foster and doodlelay from autunm leaves, and last but not least determination is using superstar by rhonna farrer and a doodlelay both by autunm leaves.

Internet class at inspire me card kits cyber crop

here it is start to finish:
you will need glue, scissors, two sheets double sided pp, 1 sheet cardstock, shape punches, large size letters three corrdenating ribbons 3 pictures all differant sizes , buttons, a journaling stamp. and a corner punch.

ok lets get started. step 1: punch out your shapes from one of your sheets of patterned paper. i pick my floral pattern for this because i was usinf a flower punch. i like to punch 6 of the large and 12 of the small. if i need more i'll punch them late and most likely i will not use this many, but i have them in casestep 2: sand the edges of your shapes and distress to your likeing. i used the ends of my scissors to scrap the edges on my flowers then held a pin to the center of each petal then folded in half. to my larger flowers i placed a second smaller flower. step 3: glue buttons to center of your shapes. for an added touch sew button on with embroderiy floss. step 4: step your shapes off to the side. we are done with them for now. get out you sheet of cardstock and your second sheet of patterned paper. trim you second sheet of patterned paper to 7 1/2 x 11 inches. round the corners on your trimmed paper only across the top. step 5: run one of your ribbons across the bottom of your pattern paper , this will be the end with unrounded corners. step 6: trim your photos and round the corners on the outside edge on your arangement . arange them in a rectangal . mine are trimed to 5x7, 3x2 3/4, 3 3/4x 3 3/4 inch. step 7: glue down the 5x7 and the 3 3/4x3 3/4 photos but not your 3x2 3/4. the bigger photos will be your guide line when it is time. step 8: run your other two ribbons going down the right side. they should go under your small photo. glue your last photo down over the ribbon. step 9: glue your large size letters going across the bottom under your pattern paper. i used hs ghost letters in lemomade stand font. i placed them going strait across even my bottom photo, but if you want you could just put then in the blank part of your cardstock. step 10: glue your shapes to embellish your title and ribbon. i glue one of my large flowers to the top of my largest ribbon and one small to the bottom of the smallest ribbon. then i glued one small flower to each of my letters in my title. step 11: last step!!!! on your scrap peice from your large piece of pattern paper stamp your journal stamp. cut it out from your pattern. journal and glue in about the center of your photo cluster. for mine i used the 7gypsys journaling stamp from last months card kit. i also glued it down with a pop dot for an add touch. and your all done!

basic grey boy album tin at scrapbook heaven

contrary to what the newsletter said this is not a recipe tin. this is the matching boy tin to a girl tin shannon did. they are for a album tin class we will be doing some time in the near future. i used oh!baby boy papers to do this on. we will also do the six index cards that go with it.

"deck the halls" christmas mini book class at scrapbook heaven

this is a 6x6 board book using ki memories joyful line . i will be teaching this dec. 13 and 14 and cost will be $27. there will be plenty of fun glitter work with the groovy little album so come join the fun ( geeze louise that sounded cheesy: ( )

Christmas card class at Scrapbook heaven

this is a card class that i will be teaching dec. 6th and 7th . we will be using ki memories joyful and alpine pattern paper, also heidi swapp rubons to embellish. the cost for this class is $18 i believe and we will be making all 6 cards.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Today was a Good day.

I had a Sold out class and i sold a whole but load of maya road and ki memories because of that tin i did for susie. i am just amazed by this. anyway thats about all for today i'm pretty tired so night!

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

What ya'll think of my SKILLS!!!!!!!!

and once you can do something like this in an hour and a half i think you got skills; ) I'm sorry i don't really mean to brag. i have not been this proud of a project in a while. when some thing comes together for me this quickly and looks this good i can't help but be a little giddy. i love this box! to bad it's not for me to keep : ( it's for one of my students , Susie, she's a really nice lady that has been having a hard time right now. she hurt her hand at work and has not been able to work, and the prognosis is not really going her way. she may have to have surgery on her hand and its in a tight area so one mistake and she may loose use of it : ( we are working on a tin class for the store and she spied it the other day when she was in. so when she called to tell me she would be in class she mentioned that she wanted me to help her with a recipe one. anyway to wrap this up i hope this will put a smile on her face. She needs someone to do something nice for her. Anywhoo the tin is maya road, letter stickers are S.E.I, everything else is ki memories grateful. tfl!

Ya want to know who ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!

elsie for one, for posting on her blog and giveing me a name to a song i've been in love with for months and months now. ( i saw the video on IMF, and it's been stuck in my head since) but anyway REGINA SPEKTOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh my gosh i am in love with this song http://www.reginaspektor.com/index2.html and her others are not to shabby them selves! just thought i'd tell you that ; ) oh and thanks again elsie for the Ditty Bops, now that was a new one for me but i absolutely LOOOOVE them! JL has rhapsody on here for us so i downloaded all there albums last night. just fabulous!


Justin fixed my flat iron! i love that man. he told me he was going to buy me a new one for Christmas and had done all the research for the best one. well he went to mess with mine to, well i don't really know but he knew i was real sad about it not working. anyway now it's working and I'm on cloud nine cause my hair is done this morning!

We have another Contest!!!!!!!!

Fancy pants finally responded, December will be Our Fancy Pants Layout Contest! i'll post details after i sit down with shannon and get every thing finalized.But i am just so excited that i HAD to tell some one. and hopefully we will also be haveing contests in january and febuary. i was getting nervous today because they had not responded that i started contacting some other companys. well at 6:00 (closing time) i got the EMAIL!!!!!!!!!!!! they would love to be our sponser and they will be sending our prizes this WEEK!!!!!!! and ofcourse we will match the prizes just like last time. anyway i was excited and had to tell you guys.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

because i love the way he smiles!

its true i totally love to see my husband smile when he gets home from work i love to have special things i KNOW he likes ready when he gets home. so for him i made chocolate chip cookies and bought him favorite milk. and a six pack of beer i know he likes (he's a one or two every few days or so kind of guy) so he can relax and watch his recorded football games.

Monday, November 13, 2006

November DT work for Inspire me card kits

well here they are in all there glory. i had a whole lot of fun doing them i just wish justin had done his journaling on up here then they would have been perfect if i can get him to do that i'll repost a pic of it

last night of class.

so photography of nature is totally
not my bag. i believe i did OK but its just not inspiring to me, i mean ya i love nature (this totally sounded like a dumb blond) but its not my thing for finding that perfect shot. its disappointing for me to feel this way really i wish i could have an eye for everything. Lisa said she really liked them and shes awesome at nature photography.(i don't know what
else to say she is.) any way this is my better shots.