Wednesday, November 15, 2006

What ya'll think of my SKILLS!!!!!!!!

and once you can do something like this in an hour and a half i think you got skills; ) I'm sorry i don't really mean to brag. i have not been this proud of a project in a while. when some thing comes together for me this quickly and looks this good i can't help but be a little giddy. i love this box! to bad it's not for me to keep : ( it's for one of my students , Susie, she's a really nice lady that has been having a hard time right now. she hurt her hand at work and has not been able to work, and the prognosis is not really going her way. she may have to have surgery on her hand and its in a tight area so one mistake and she may loose use of it : ( we are working on a tin class for the store and she spied it the other day when she was in. so when she called to tell me she would be in class she mentioned that she wanted me to help her with a recipe one. anyway to wrap this up i hope this will put a smile on her face. She needs someone to do something nice for her. Anywhoo the tin is maya road, letter stickers are S.E.I, everything else is ki memories grateful. tfl!