Monday, November 06, 2006

The first is always the hardest.

I guess its about time I get this thing started. Life gets away from us and its time I shared with everyone. You know its the first paragraph that always gets me, I never know what to say or in this case write. I mean if you are my family you know everything about me and if you have just stumbled across this you don't now me at all. Where is the fine line for getting to know who I am and to much information. Well I guess I'll just start and you can stop read when its to much.
My name is Heather Marie and I am 23, with 24 creeping up on me very soon. I am married to the love of my life ,Justin. Yes i know that statement is so over done but it's the truth and it's the best way to discribe it. We live in south east Georgia with our 4 bulldogs Millie, Tater, Winnipeg, and Rocco. i am a photography student and i work at my local scrapbook store, running the store by day and teaching classes at night. I am also the Design Team co-ordenator for the stores website as well as a Dt member on another site.

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