Saturday, February 17, 2007


this song really makes me smile ;) a thank you to kristina contes for leading me to her name!

Saturday, February 10, 2007

so i'm a bad blogger.

I've put total neglect into this page in the last month. my back has been hurting again, it makes me very tired, and siting at the computer to work can be a problem. Justin has been not been at his best either, with us both sick in the bathroom this morning. I'm excited by change that is happening inside and out. spring is peeking in on us here in Georgia. Justin said he's going to give his garden another try this year, with last year being so poor i have high hopes for the new season. I've cut my hours back at the store, and should start helping Marla in the office work for lavenders blue very soon. I'm looking forward to helping our little family business going, Marla said to expect to gown fairly quickly this season, and hopefully Justin will be making enough working for lavender's that he can quit the restaurant . end post