Tuesday, October 06, 2009

i've moved

here so please come and visit me on my new blog!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

snake on the porch and new fan on the ceiling

this snake was on my porch the other day when i went to let the dogs out for a potty. 

and this is my new fan that me and justin put up last sunday. it's a hunter and i just think it's the beesknees! best part! it doesn't making me feel like my life is in danger everytime i turn it on and it's very quiet. 

ok thats all! 

heather marie 

par vue, livie lou.........

(thrifted owl family from forget-me-nots)
because you'll keep asking untill it's done. not that you ask alot but i always feel bad when you do 

(thrifted needle work book from salvation army)

(vintage fabric thrifted from forget-me-nots) 

(vintage coats thrifted from goodwill)

(handsewn quilt thrifted from forget-me-nots, multi-colored afgan thrifted from salvation army)

so there you have it some of my most recently aquired junk as justin would say, but oh how i loooooooooooove my junk :)

later gators!

heather marie 

Saturday, May 16, 2009

little old me

most resently
see normal, nothing special. just a girl from the south. 

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

awesome pictures of my bees

later gators,
Heather Marie

the bees swarmed and the E.E.'s layed some eggs

All the little black dot's in the sky are our bee's flying away. Justin came inside and told me to go look at the bee's and when I got out there I was not prepared for this! You could not get with in 3feet of the hives there was so many bee's in the air. Thank goodness it was the middle of the day in the middle of the week because I do not know what the neighbours would have thought of all the bees flying over there house! 

Anyway we got pretty lucky, because we had our queens wings clipped so the bees had to come back to the hive, and we got them into a new hive box so now we have three hives instead of two! Which is super exciting if you ask me. That's my Justin scooping up the clustering bees to put them in the new hive with my dustpan.  

and my second super exciting bit of news!  My Easter Egger Bannies started laying! I've been waiting months to see these pretty little blue-green eggs, and now that there here well I'm just so happy! They look like little jewels next to the peach/brown of the silkie eggs. Yay!

oh! and yesterday we got this from the UPS man! Justin has been all over the net looking to order us some hatching eggs. I'm hoping for some fancy silkies or some wellington bannies, but i know he's been looking at some malay bannies so we'll see. But how exciting to have our own incubator!

Well that's all. I had a few other pictures on here for this post, but thanks to the stupid way the pictures are working , they keep deleting when I'm trying to get text in, so boo about that:( 

later gators,

Heather Marie

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

at my sewing machine

So this is what i'm working on these days.  This quilt is the cover quilt for bh&g american patchwork & quilting apr 2009 issue. The pattern is for a lap quilt, but i'm attempting to make it a full side quilt. I'm hopeing to be done by winter so we will have a nice warm new quilt on our bed. It will be my first full size quilt.    

Mermaids and cream quit.

So, I am in love with this one I used the blush color set of the Heather Ross Mendocino line with cream cordaroy and chocolate brown cotton for solids. The backing is the coral print from urban outfitters I'm using to make curtains for the living room. Totally matches my orange chair i got for my birthday.  

Well thats whats up on the sewing table these days. Actually my sewing table is really my coffee table, but thats a story for another day. oh, and dear blogger it sucks that i can't move my pictures around anymore. 

later gaters,

Heather Marie

Saturday, February 28, 2009

sup homeslice

it's been awhile so I'll break it down.

1. i turned the big 26.

2.got a Wii fit for x-mas(supper fun i have all the yoga and strength exercises now)

3. Justin turned the big 29.

4.had 6 baby chicks hatch.( my joy these days)

5. made my 4th quilt and started my 5th(this one is going to be full size, fingers crossed)

6. gage turned 5 ( this is a milestone for the whole family)


8. actually finished a mini album

9. ate 2 of our roosters one is in the freezer still.

10. still trying to coax my creativity out of hiding.

so thats whats up i'll be back on monday i hope and i'll have some pictures of said events. or maybe tonight i don't know. we'll see but right now i have a winey little white dog at my feet that wants a game of fetch. 

later gaters,

heather marie