Saturday, February 28, 2009

sup homeslice

it's been awhile so I'll break it down.

1. i turned the big 26. a Wii fit for x-mas(supper fun i have all the yoga and strength exercises now)

3. Justin turned the big 29.

4.had 6 baby chicks hatch.( my joy these days)

5. made my 4th quilt and started my 5th(this one is going to be full size, fingers crossed)

6. gage turned 5 ( this is a milestone for the whole family)


8. actually finished a mini album

9. ate 2 of our roosters one is in the freezer still.

10. still trying to coax my creativity out of hiding.

so thats whats up i'll be back on monday i hope and i'll have some pictures of said events. or maybe tonight i don't know. we'll see but right now i have a winey little white dog at my feet that wants a game of fetch. 

later gaters,

heather marie

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