Wednesday, November 19, 2008

eggs, old bottles, baseball cards, and star wars

the silkies have started to lay! i wish i could say this was eggs one and two, but they are not. these are eggs three and four, because Justin ate one and two before i could take any pictures. ( silly man, doesn't he know how important pictures are!)

so yesterday i went to help Justin's mom and sister clean out the attic, and came home with a box of treasures for the old man. it was super fun to go through it with him last night. this is his prized bottle collection, well the bits that didn't make it home with us when we moved.
i like this bottle because the glass is purple. i think it was some kind of liquor bottle.
i don't know anything about this one.
this one Justin tells me is worth a bit. i like the hill billy on the front.
Listerine bottle with stopper. very cool, i think.
ship bottles. i think I'm gonna hang these bad boys on the wall and put flowers in them:)
Justin loves is baseball(and football) cards like they were his kids. this is not all of them just what we sorted last night!
vintage star wars. loved and played with by Justin then his sister and now they have come to stay with us and be lovingly put on a shelf until there is a little Justin to play with them again.

well I'm off for today with the return of cold weather in our area, I've had a return of my cold and have been feeling out of sorts today. so I'm gonna catch some rest.
later gators,
heather marie