Monday, November 17, 2008

monday thrifting

i love monday thrifting better than any other day of the week. i find my most favorite things on monday. today i got a great old quit and lamp.
i love this lamp, and Justin is gonna be so happy. we used to have one of these old glass lamps with the light in the bottom, it was an amber colored one, but i broke it on accident and he was so mad at me. kept saying i did it on purpose. but now i have this one and i think it's better. i was so pleased when i spotted it in goodwill, they had a green one also but it was bigger and this one was big enough. if I'd had it i would have bought both but i went out with $20 and i wasn't gonna spend more than that. (the lamp was 10.00 and the quit was 12.00 luckily i had an extra 2.00 in change for the quilt. )
this quit was marked as a cutter quilt, but it really was in good condition with need of a few repairs, so I'm just gonna do the repairs and keep it.

i just love the fabrics used in it. i wish, wish, wish i could fine some of these prints today.

and the number one reason i needed this quilt: cowboy print on the back! i could of died when i opened it up and saw this. i love love love all cowboy prints, one of my soft spots. but the colors of this one are just brilliant!

now I'll leave you with a picture of a squirrel up in my tree eating a pine cone.

later gators,

heather marie