Sunday, November 16, 2008

dogs with frisbees, curtains revisited, and cushion covers

this is my Winnipeg. she found her long lost Frisbee last week. since she has wanted nothing more that to act like a psycho dog with a Frisbee. she would love to be allowed to bring the dirt thing in my house and keep playing with it , but mommy (that's me :)!) will not allow this and has to chase her down at times to take it away. yesterday she brought it in and i took it away and set it on top of her kennel. after awhile my fil came to drop some stepping stones off (I'll tell you that story later) and i had to go out side and help him unload them. when i got back in the house she had stolen her Frisbee off the top of her kennel and took it inside her nigh-night to play with. i heard her as soon as i walked and knew what she was up to but she,hoping i didn't, poked her head out and gave me the I'm innocent face. i laughed so hard she forgot about the Frisbee and came to give me kisses for pets. good times people, good times.
my kitchen curtains! so i put the lace trim on. trying to get a good picture from the sink nook is near impossible. the cabinets flanking each side just suck the light right up. but here is what the looks like now.
i added the lace with a decorative leaf stitch in green (perfect with the trees).
they have me smitten.
and here is one of the cushion covers i made yesterday for the couch. i made two matching (one for each side of the couch, i have a thing for symmetry, it drives Justin crazy at times that i always need two)
they are still a bit experimental in design. but i like them.
well i guess that's all. we will be gone most of the day once Justin gets up. we have to go pick up the rest of my pavers and we have to figure out what to do about Justin's car, he got 2 (yes i said two flat tires coming home last night. so his car is some where on the highway waiting to be dealt with.
later gators,
heather marie