Wednesday, November 19, 2008

eggs, old bottles, baseball cards, and star wars

the silkies have started to lay! i wish i could say this was eggs one and two, but they are not. these are eggs three and four, because Justin ate one and two before i could take any pictures. ( silly man, doesn't he know how important pictures are!)

so yesterday i went to help Justin's mom and sister clean out the attic, and came home with a box of treasures for the old man. it was super fun to go through it with him last night. this is his prized bottle collection, well the bits that didn't make it home with us when we moved.
i like this bottle because the glass is purple. i think it was some kind of liquor bottle.
i don't know anything about this one.
this one Justin tells me is worth a bit. i like the hill billy on the front.
Listerine bottle with stopper. very cool, i think.
ship bottles. i think I'm gonna hang these bad boys on the wall and put flowers in them:)
Justin loves is baseball(and football) cards like they were his kids. this is not all of them just what we sorted last night!
vintage star wars. loved and played with by Justin then his sister and now they have come to stay with us and be lovingly put on a shelf until there is a little Justin to play with them again.

well I'm off for today with the return of cold weather in our area, I've had a return of my cold and have been feeling out of sorts today. so I'm gonna catch some rest.
later gators,
heather marie

Monday, November 17, 2008

monday thrifting

i love monday thrifting better than any other day of the week. i find my most favorite things on monday. today i got a great old quit and lamp.
i love this lamp, and Justin is gonna be so happy. we used to have one of these old glass lamps with the light in the bottom, it was an amber colored one, but i broke it on accident and he was so mad at me. kept saying i did it on purpose. but now i have this one and i think it's better. i was so pleased when i spotted it in goodwill, they had a green one also but it was bigger and this one was big enough. if I'd had it i would have bought both but i went out with $20 and i wasn't gonna spend more than that. (the lamp was 10.00 and the quit was 12.00 luckily i had an extra 2.00 in change for the quilt. )
this quit was marked as a cutter quilt, but it really was in good condition with need of a few repairs, so I'm just gonna do the repairs and keep it.

i just love the fabrics used in it. i wish, wish, wish i could fine some of these prints today.

and the number one reason i needed this quilt: cowboy print on the back! i could of died when i opened it up and saw this. i love love love all cowboy prints, one of my soft spots. but the colors of this one are just brilliant!

now I'll leave you with a picture of a squirrel up in my tree eating a pine cone.

later gators,

heather marie

Sunday, November 16, 2008

dogs with frisbees, curtains revisited, and cushion covers

this is my Winnipeg. she found her long lost Frisbee last week. since she has wanted nothing more that to act like a psycho dog with a Frisbee. she would love to be allowed to bring the dirt thing in my house and keep playing with it , but mommy (that's me :)!) will not allow this and has to chase her down at times to take it away. yesterday she brought it in and i took it away and set it on top of her kennel. after awhile my fil came to drop some stepping stones off (I'll tell you that story later) and i had to go out side and help him unload them. when i got back in the house she had stolen her Frisbee off the top of her kennel and took it inside her nigh-night to play with. i heard her as soon as i walked and knew what she was up to but she,hoping i didn't, poked her head out and gave me the I'm innocent face. i laughed so hard she forgot about the Frisbee and came to give me kisses for pets. good times people, good times.
my kitchen curtains! so i put the lace trim on. trying to get a good picture from the sink nook is near impossible. the cabinets flanking each side just suck the light right up. but here is what the looks like now.
i added the lace with a decorative leaf stitch in green (perfect with the trees).
they have me smitten.
and here is one of the cushion covers i made yesterday for the couch. i made two matching (one for each side of the couch, i have a thing for symmetry, it drives Justin crazy at times that i always need two)
they are still a bit experimental in design. but i like them.
well i guess that's all. we will be gone most of the day once Justin gets up. we have to go pick up the rest of my pavers and we have to figure out what to do about Justin's car, he got 2 (yes i said two flat tires coming home last night. so his car is some where on the highway waiting to be dealt with.
later gators,
heather marie

Saturday, November 15, 2008

getting back the creative energy

After months of just not feeling it, I've suddenly had a burst of that good stuff. my head has been swimming with ideas for the house and for gifts for friends and family. I'd been trying to force it for a while and that was just not working. But now, the mojo is back!
So onto the reason for a second post today.(that's right second post)
My new kitchen curtains!
The tree fabric are tea towels from Target, part of there winter collection, and the green houndstooth is a home dec. weight cotton I found at Wal-mart awhile back. i think i would still like to add a lace trim to the bottom and maybe get an "inside the window frame" rod. but over all a quick and quit lovely set up. over all i think this set of curtains cost me about $12.00 so I'm pleased. (sorry about the pictures it's raining out side and my kitchen doesn't have the best light to begin with)
Now for the paper crafting crowd. These are the invits to our annual "Southwell family holiday gathering". This year is especially important to us because we lost our beloved papa over the summer. So in an effort to keep up family traditions Marla (my mil) and I have teamed up this year to make it extra special for everyone.
i did them in three styles, just using what i had at home. since we don't have a lss anymore. (plus i have enough scrapbook stuff to scrapbook the next ten life times )
i used "Stampendous" stamps "N163 modern invite" and "journaling block OR1025" for the information side. My ink is Colorbox "chestnut roan" fluid chalk ink for the jounaling block and Tsukinek Brilliance pigment ink in pearlescent olive for the modern invite and the edges.

this one is: background paper basic grey fruit cake line.
circle tab my minds eye; Bohemia Christmas believe line.
cookoo clock stamp; poppyink in moss Adirondack embossing powder
date stamp; Heidi Swapp in warm green Colorbox fluid chalk ink
family gathering; making memories magnetic stamps rummage font in charcoal Colorbox fluid chalk ink.
this one is : background paper my minds eye; Bohemia Christmas believe line
deer head stamp; poppy ink in copper embossing powder
everything else the same as above.
this one is: another Bohemia Christmas paper but it is from the "merry" line
bird and branch stamp is from zingboom. the branch is in copper embossing powder and the bird is in verdigris embossing powder. and everything else is the same as the other two. all my embossing powders are ranger in case you where wondering.
i think the cookoo clock ones are my favorite. they are flat cards (they don't open) and the fit an A2 envelope. my inspiration was a calender square.
anywho, that about it. hopefully I'll have something later for a third post! (oh wouldn't that be just grand 3 posts in one day)
later gators,
heather marie

new coasters!

In honor (and because I don't want water rings on my table) of my new coffee table, I made my self these uber cute coasters last night. I used this pattern from the allsorts blog. There was supposed to be nine coasters, but one of my fabrics was not cotton (stupid Wal-mart fabric) and it got messed up after the first cut, so I just pulled it out and continued on. All in all, I think they turned out well, but I can see where I need some improvements in my sewing techniques. I put a yellow cotton flannel on the other side and I used "soft and natural" cotton batting for the inside. The fabrics I chose are a mix of vintage and new.
And I think they just look smashing on my lovely table, so my picks must not have been so bad.
I also did this last night, it's my camera strap! I covered the "Sony" strap that came with the camera with some binding I have made a few months back out of some vintage sheets I'd been collecting up. I love how it came out. It was such an easy project I don't know why I never did it sooner. Now I just need to make a camera case.
later gators,
heather marie

Friday, November 14, 2008

friday = family workday

my mother and father in-law come over Friday morning and help Justin and i do a bunch of stuff around the house ( in return i have to spend a day working around her house so i don't think it's such a bad deal.) the last week we worked on the front beds and porch.

this is how we did the planter garden i keep at the front steps. i think it came out cute.

I'm having a pickle of a time keeping the leave out and off of everything. the wind has just been awful the last few days.
this week daddy and Justin planted a hedge of viburnum along the back porch.
while Marla and I, straitened things up in the front. we made me the cutes potting bench out of some junk Justin had in the yard. the table legs are some hive boxes and the top is an old piece of picket fence. now i have a super cute space to work on my plants in the spring!
but the best part of family work day is..............going shopping with Marla after the work is done. new coffee table meet your new home.
it's round and I'm so very happy. I've wanted a round coffee table ever since i saw one in cottage living about two years back, and i recently set my mind that i wanted a coffee table and i wanted a round one. the first one i found was blue and i was broke, the second was green and Marla bought it because again i was broke, but today was my lucky day, today i found a white one and it had my name on it. i had the means to get it today, so it's mine.

later gators....

heather marie

Monday, November 10, 2008

Saturday, November 01, 2008

i can't beleive we lost like that!

I mean what where the dawgs thinking! Come on people, 49 to 10, really! WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED OUT THERE !!!!!!!!!!! You have to be shitting me with this crap! That was an unexceptable game tonight! jeez!!!!!! Now Justin is gonna be in a bad mood when he gets home tonight. Suck! .........................................i can't believe we lost like that..........:(