Wednesday, December 19, 2007


winnie got her pin out today! and the doctor said she's ready for all the ball playing she wants. she did have to get some more stitches though from where they took out the pin, but she managed to chew them out before i got there to pick her up, luckly i noticed as we where walking out and Dr. nunn put staples in instead. winnie is very happy to be back home now and spending lots of quality time with her mommy.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

My 25th birthday in pictures

So I'm officially 25 today and it was a nice quit one. On Saturday my mom and brother came to visit. My brother fixed my bathroom sink with Justin in the morning and then my mom took us to lunch and a movie after Justin went to work. We saw the golden compass, it was cute, the ending was a bit of a disappointment but it eludes to a sequel that I'll just have to go see so I'll know how the story ends (or I'll have to read the book but, frankly I can think of a ton of other books I'd rather read. ).
Then Monday Justin made me dinner. Roast Chicken with Curried Carrots, Potatoes, and Onions. don't be jealous you to can eat this good for a price and his restaurant "Le Clos" on 2nd st. in downtown Fernandina beach, fl. , but for me all it costs is love, affection, and 364 days of a clean house until death do us part.
aww..... he's making my dinner. so sweet.
i was ready with my fork. oh look there's other birthday fun time treat, a nice bottle of dark rum! yummy!Justin took away my fork :( he said "This is a barbarian feast! No forks allowed, you have to use your hands" and then he gave me this napkin. ;)he thinks this is the best idea ever and i have to say it was a pretty fun time to eat with my hands. plus he's really cute when he eats chicken. he's like a wild animal. and it makes me laugh.i know two little doggies that wish daddy would share. he he! it really was an awesome dinner and I'm so thankful to Justin for making it special for me. <3so anyway when i got up this morning Justin was such a sweetheart doing my morning chores for me. he took out the dogs, washed the dishes, AND folded the laundry then went the extra mile and made me coffee. So I got to play on the computer all I wanted, so I headed over to and took a few of their little tests, I found out that I'm a cowgirl(I already knew this with out the test),that I'm 88% Social Liberal+33% Economic Conservative=strong democrat (I was hoping for all the way libertarian, but at least I was dead on the libertarian/democrat line and matched up with Martin Luther King)and that i'm 42% slut(ha ha to everyone else justin is the only one that gets to see that side). Then after Justin left for work I went out to woodbine and paid my tag and registration for my car and on the way home I hit up the fabric store and walmart for some shop things, and "Sweetest Things" for a birthday cookie (or two! a snickerdoodle and an english ginger snap. yummy!) . When I got home finally (around 4:45), Justin called and said "hey baby guess what I'm coming home!" oh what a birthday surprise! so when he got home we took some funny cheesecake pictures for the Secret Santa thread at's favorite message board). Santa likes cheesecake. ummm......... and oh! here is "horny for cheesecake!"(we are not really cheesecake people at our house but it was the thought that counts) cheesecake tower (this is the one that we posted at clubsi.) Justin modeling for me with his cheesecake tower. he he!
but all cheesecake towers must fall, i just wish it was not so obvious all over my kitchen table :(
and then he made me some dinner (left overs) and a holiday cocktail (spiced apple cider, dark rum, club soda, and a spoonful of apple butter) which i enjoyed very much. on his way home he picked me up a little present "pixars short films vol. one" it was really great when we watched it and it has great commentarie so you really learn why those shorts where so important, a lot of their new, cutting edge computer animation programs come out of them. when we sat down to watch it he gave me a "Head Massage" my favorite part is when he massages my nose, i get all stuffed up when i ware my glasses, but i also like it when he gets to the back of my head. it just relieves so much pressure when he does that. it was an awesome present! after that he fell asleep and i came in here to record what a happy birthday i had!

Sunday, December 16, 2007

more pictures!

OK, so a month or so ago I took my dear little sister in law out for a photo shoot, and today while celebrating the impending doom of my 25th birthday with my mom and brother, I finally got them developed! So, so, so, happy I did. Here are a few of my fav's and you can see the rest here @

Friday, December 14, 2007

pictures, more pictures ,& a sewing project

Nice day for a glass of ice water and a good book huh. but no, because this little princess is in my seat by the window. So, I thought I'd take some pictures instead :)

Please excuse the dead fly in the back ground :( So these are the best part of my little bird collection the first three are German ,I'm not really sure how old but this first one is my favorite because of the really feathers! The last one is rather new, but I really like it because of the two birds instead of one. These guys we found at a junk sale down the road a while back. Justin just loves them. They are made of some sort of pressed pulp and are kind of heavy for there size. I like to imagine they are a little old retired sailor and his wife and they live at the top of a cliff in a cottage over looking the ocean.
Now for the sewing project. so this is for Livie for Christmas, and I'm really hoping she's not reading this at the moment. it's a really simple tote with a cute pocket and embroidery on the front. The lining is an old bed sheet that I got at goodwill and the way I sewed this togeather it can be reversed if she wants. I really hope she likes it. Well that's all for me. See ya later.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

sewing and cake

So I'm making Christmas presents these days. Yes dear readers my little hands and sewing machine are very tired. I made this little number from "Bend the Rules Sewing" by Amy Karol

the lovely little deer and patch work strip was my own touch though.
then I made this little sweet heart the other night. I'm quit proud of her as she is my first doll and all from a pattern I made my self. Her name is Roxy Robot and I plan on making her a little book to go with her before I pack her up for Christmas.
then today i felt like making some cake, so i dug through my cake pans to find this cute mini bunt tray and thought how fun. i filled the centers with fudge frosting and then drizzled it down the sides i did it while the cakes where still warm so some of the chocolate absorbed into the cake. YUM!
anyway that was just the last few days. but my sewing machine and i have been pretty joined at the hip for the past week and a half. I've been experimenting with embroidery, applique and quilt batting. I've gotten some cute ipod cozies out of it.
oh and if you have not been lately I added some cute Christmas crafts to the shop so check it out!

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

i feel it that is !!!!!!

i spent the better part of yesterday putting up my christmas tree. i had forgotten how cool my tree was and now with the green walls it just totally sets it off. i am in love with christmas again.and for the shop i got this little beauty finished up i've got a few more to make up befor a really cool shop update , so be looking for that hopefully by the end of the week.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

***Picture This***

You're driving down the road to pick up one of those silly cone collars, because your dog that has just has leg surgery has popped one of her stitches during the night, but since it's still holding the doctor just wants her in the silly collar when your sleeping so she won't pop any more and lick them open. (it was just the very bottom one and I'm able to protect it with a butterfly closer and a good wrap of the blanket around said leg.) Anyway back to driving down the road, and all of a sudden you see a police car with lights blaring coming strait at you. Oh at first you feel that little bit of shock and "uh oh, what did i do?", then you remember your not guilty of anything you're just on your way to get a silly cone collar for you dog that popped a stitch during the night. Then you see it! The police car is escorting someone. A funeral? No. A diplomat? you do live near a major military base, but no. Oh my, it's a motorcycle gang! about a hundred of them, Well maybe not quit that many, but a very large gang of motorcycles none the less. And who should be leading the motorcycle gang in all their leather and bushy bearded glory, you ask? Well I'll tell you, but you certainly won't believe me when I do.............. It was none other than Good Ole' Saint Nick! Yes lady's and gentlemen Santa Was the leader of the Motorcycle Gang! Man did I wish I had my camera. bye, heather

Friday, November 09, 2007

With ever christmas card I write.........

and this fun pile represents everything Christmas/Winter I own and for all you etsy-landers it means my Christmas card sets and winter crafts for the shop will be on there way! but first I'm spending some quality sofa time with my girl, Winnipeg.
as you can see she is resting comfortably. Well if your not in the know, Wednesday night she broke her back leg. Thursday morning I took her to Dr. Nun (best Vet ever!) and he fixed her right up for me.
it was a clean brake of the femur bone and required a pin to put it back together. So I had to leave her over night for surgery and she'll need to have it removed in another 6-8 weeks.
I was kind of excited to see she did not need a cast and the doctor said he would like her to start using her leg as soon as possible although strenuous activity is out of the question till the doctor gives the OK.
Today she has been pretty out of it from the surgery drugs, but I have had her stand and walk a little for going potty and eating, but she is not really wanting to use that legs or be up much at all for that matter. She is having a hard time laying down by her self and needs help from me, its really the only times today I've heard her whine, but she can get up by her self. I found this out when I had her laying down confined to the bedroom floor (I was to scared to leave her up high on the couch while I was gone even though she does not seem to want to go anywhere) while I ran to the post office and when I got back she was standing in front of the door and I bumped her leg as I walked in to check on her and she gave a whine for that. but she was on the floor and she does not seem to be brave enough for that from up high.
She has just been so inspiring to me through all this. When it happened she whined for a minute right after it happened and after that she was over it. When I took her to the vet she just walked around on three legs like she was her normal happy self wagging her tail and getting pets from passer-byes, she even banged her head on the door to the exam room and still kept wagging that tail and being happy. It's like nothing fazes her at all and I really wish I could be like that, tough as nail and sweet as sugar at the same time. I guess that's why I'm so fond of this little pup.
XO heather