Saturday, November 10, 2007

***Picture This***

You're driving down the road to pick up one of those silly cone collars, because your dog that has just has leg surgery has popped one of her stitches during the night, but since it's still holding the doctor just wants her in the silly collar when your sleeping so she won't pop any more and lick them open. (it was just the very bottom one and I'm able to protect it with a butterfly closer and a good wrap of the blanket around said leg.) Anyway back to driving down the road, and all of a sudden you see a police car with lights blaring coming strait at you. Oh at first you feel that little bit of shock and "uh oh, what did i do?", then you remember your not guilty of anything you're just on your way to get a silly cone collar for you dog that popped a stitch during the night. Then you see it! The police car is escorting someone. A funeral? No. A diplomat? you do live near a major military base, but no. Oh my, it's a motorcycle gang! about a hundred of them, Well maybe not quit that many, but a very large gang of motorcycles none the less. And who should be leading the motorcycle gang in all their leather and bushy bearded glory, you ask? Well I'll tell you, but you certainly won't believe me when I do.............. It was none other than Good Ole' Saint Nick! Yes lady's and gentlemen Santa Was the leader of the Motorcycle Gang! Man did I wish I had my camera. bye, heather

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