Friday, November 09, 2007

With ever christmas card I write.........

and this fun pile represents everything Christmas/Winter I own and for all you etsy-landers it means my Christmas card sets and winter crafts for the shop will be on there way! but first I'm spending some quality sofa time with my girl, Winnipeg.
as you can see she is resting comfortably. Well if your not in the know, Wednesday night she broke her back leg. Thursday morning I took her to Dr. Nun (best Vet ever!) and he fixed her right up for me.
it was a clean brake of the femur bone and required a pin to put it back together. So I had to leave her over night for surgery and she'll need to have it removed in another 6-8 weeks.
I was kind of excited to see she did not need a cast and the doctor said he would like her to start using her leg as soon as possible although strenuous activity is out of the question till the doctor gives the OK.
Today she has been pretty out of it from the surgery drugs, but I have had her stand and walk a little for going potty and eating, but she is not really wanting to use that legs or be up much at all for that matter. She is having a hard time laying down by her self and needs help from me, its really the only times today I've heard her whine, but she can get up by her self. I found this out when I had her laying down confined to the bedroom floor (I was to scared to leave her up high on the couch while I was gone even though she does not seem to want to go anywhere) while I ran to the post office and when I got back she was standing in front of the door and I bumped her leg as I walked in to check on her and she gave a whine for that. but she was on the floor and she does not seem to be brave enough for that from up high.
She has just been so inspiring to me through all this. When it happened she whined for a minute right after it happened and after that she was over it. When I took her to the vet she just walked around on three legs like she was her normal happy self wagging her tail and getting pets from passer-byes, she even banged her head on the door to the exam room and still kept wagging that tail and being happy. It's like nothing fazes her at all and I really wish I could be like that, tough as nail and sweet as sugar at the same time. I guess that's why I'm so fond of this little pup.
XO heather


Anonymous said...

oh that looks like it hurts, poor guy!

rosebudinnh said...

hope the pup is doing good. man thats gotta hurt.. Rose

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