Friday, December 14, 2007

pictures, more pictures ,& a sewing project

Nice day for a glass of ice water and a good book huh. but no, because this little princess is in my seat by the window. So, I thought I'd take some pictures instead :)

Please excuse the dead fly in the back ground :( So these are the best part of my little bird collection the first three are German ,I'm not really sure how old but this first one is my favorite because of the really feathers! The last one is rather new, but I really like it because of the two birds instead of one. These guys we found at a junk sale down the road a while back. Justin just loves them. They are made of some sort of pressed pulp and are kind of heavy for there size. I like to imagine they are a little old retired sailor and his wife and they live at the top of a cliff in a cottage over looking the ocean.
Now for the sewing project. so this is for Livie for Christmas, and I'm really hoping she's not reading this at the moment. it's a really simple tote with a cute pocket and embroidery on the front. The lining is an old bed sheet that I got at goodwill and the way I sewed this togeather it can be reversed if she wants. I really hope she likes it. Well that's all for me. See ya later.

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