Friday, November 14, 2008

friday = family workday

my mother and father in-law come over Friday morning and help Justin and i do a bunch of stuff around the house ( in return i have to spend a day working around her house so i don't think it's such a bad deal.) the last week we worked on the front beds and porch.

this is how we did the planter garden i keep at the front steps. i think it came out cute.

I'm having a pickle of a time keeping the leave out and off of everything. the wind has just been awful the last few days.
this week daddy and Justin planted a hedge of viburnum along the back porch.
while Marla and I, straitened things up in the front. we made me the cutes potting bench out of some junk Justin had in the yard. the table legs are some hive boxes and the top is an old piece of picket fence. now i have a super cute space to work on my plants in the spring!
but the best part of family work day is..............going shopping with Marla after the work is done. new coffee table meet your new home.
it's round and I'm so very happy. I've wanted a round coffee table ever since i saw one in cottage living about two years back, and i recently set my mind that i wanted a coffee table and i wanted a round one. the first one i found was blue and i was broke, the second was green and Marla bought it because again i was broke, but today was my lucky day, today i found a white one and it had my name on it. i had the means to get it today, so it's mine.

later gators....

heather marie