Tuesday, March 17, 2009

the bees swarmed and the E.E.'s layed some eggs

All the little black dot's in the sky are our bee's flying away. Justin came inside and told me to go look at the bee's and when I got out there I was not prepared for this! You could not get with in 3feet of the hives there was so many bee's in the air. Thank goodness it was the middle of the day in the middle of the week because I do not know what the neighbours would have thought of all the bees flying over there house! 

Anyway we got pretty lucky, because we had our queens wings clipped so the bees had to come back to the hive, and we got them into a new hive box so now we have three hives instead of two! Which is super exciting if you ask me. That's my Justin scooping up the clustering bees to put them in the new hive with my dustpan.  

and my second super exciting bit of news!  My Easter Egger Bannies started laying! I've been waiting months to see these pretty little blue-green eggs, and now that there here well I'm just so happy! They look like little jewels next to the peach/brown of the silkie eggs. Yay!

oh! and yesterday we got this from the UPS man! Justin has been all over the net looking to order us some hatching eggs. I'm hoping for some fancy silkies or some wellington bannies, but i know he's been looking at some malay bannies so we'll see. But how exciting to have our own incubator!

Well that's all. I had a few other pictures on here for this post, but thanks to the stupid way the pictures are working , they keep deleting when I'm trying to get text in, so boo about that:( 

later gators,

Heather Marie

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