Sunday, November 26, 2006

a cup of tea

so its late and I'm catching up here and with my scrapping I've been working on my paper project today for the fancy pants DT submission. it's cute, it's for my sweetheart it was his chocolate box from last years valentines day. I'll start my layouts tomorrow. it should go fairly fast. i need to get my pictures from thanks giving developed i may have some cool stuff on there. i made a jello mold tonight,cherry. Justin fell asleep before he could have any. poor guy he's so exhausted form work, not to mention all the stuff we have going on at home. life is mostly good most of the time, but some times your down and though we are OK, still in love, still talking, and still growing stronger in our marriage. we are being tested and that is a strain. but i trust in the lord and my faith will make me stronger as our bond is tested. i know i love Justin and he loves me, what does not kill us makes us stronger,and the lord is great and will protect us and help us through what ever troubles we may face. but for now i will sit and drink my tea, ponder life, and continue my work. until next time. night.