Tuesday, January 30, 2007

hello to all.

well i guess it has been a while. i've been around, very busy though. i finally got a new car, its very nice an acura vigor or as my step dad says "the cadillac of honda" ; ) it has black leather interior, a sun roof, power everything and only 100,000 miles (this is impressive because it's a '93!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) and the paint is in excellent condition. love this car!
anyway justin had to fire his new line cook earlier this month, the guys was a total drunk. he came to work "5" sheets to the wind (he was so drunk his rag was on fire ON HIS HAND and he did not even feel it! so justin told him to go home. well instead he went to the bathroom and chug'd 2 bottles ($200 worth) of wine that he stole off the wine rack(they also found his underwear in the trash the next day in the trash, he had been so druck befor stealing the wine that he craped him self! yuck!) well after he did this justin had not other options but to fire the guy. i just don't understand how a 30 year old man can let him self be this way. even at their drunkest of anyone in my whole life i have NEVER known someone this wasted. well this was at about 3:00pm that this all went down for the hubby. the worst for justin can at about 9:00 went the guys girlfreind came to pick him up and he has to tell her that "jack" did not work there any more and that he had not seen him since the afternoon . i felt so bad for the poor girl she has just moved out here from arizona to be with that guy and he was all she had. he said he could see the tears start to well up in here eyes. anyway the worst for "jack" came later. well here, i'll let you guys read for your self this is the arrest report from one of our local papers: