Saturday, December 23, 2006


sorry to be MIA lately a lot has happened in a week. i turned 24 on the 18Th . yippee although i doubt I'll be saying that next year when i turn 25 ha! I'm off till next Thursday ya! i baked some cookies this morning yum. i finished up Christina's and Christy's tins. but i still have work to due lots of classes to get planned. tomorrow we are doing the rest of our shopping then going to my moms. I'm so excited I'm looking forward to taking pics of gage opening his presents. i think he is gonna love the g.i. Joe uncle Justin picked out for him. and it will be fun to watch him find all the goody's i tucked away in his new back pack! really can't wait till Christmas when we go up to the farm. I'm hoping to get some good shots with my new camera. anyway I'm out of stuff to say. i have to get back to work. got a book i need to do quickly for a client. stupid people don't even call to tell me what they want me to do but then calls tonight wanting to now if i was done. ha! i mean i can be quick with it but i need to know what the heck you want me to do! anyway I'm gonna do my best to get it done tonight, tomorrow is Christmas eve. you know. I'm not completely heartless. but dang call me that same day and give me some direction.