Friday, December 15, 2006

fancy pants designs DT call Entry

so i completely understand that I'm a long shot for this but i just could not stand the thought of all my friends trying out and me just not even giving it a go. so here is what i entered plus the essay they wanted (not really an essay but once you get the bio, experience, and a few words why you want to be picked it sure looks like one) i think i gave a strong showing but i know there has to be tons of people just as good or better also trying out. so I'm not gonna get my hopes to high. it was a lot of fun to do these though. my favorites are glow and the note tin (that one is gonna double as a x-mas gift for my mommy-in-law, between her and my own mommy i get a lot of encouragement with this stuff and they really do help me to get better . art is one thing I've always been very good at and scrapbooking is a favorite to express this, and it's good to know that it is appreciated .