Saturday, December 09, 2006

cocktail anyone

OK so being rear ended is the suck of the world. and yes it could have been worse and yes I'm thankful it was not. but it's still the suck of the world. anyway this happened on Monday(12/4) on my way home from walmart to make dinner. now I'm not one for pain in any form but I'm also not one to let it stop me from doing what needs to be done (most of the time) but i have to say WHIPLASH ROYALLY SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
my back hurts, my arms hurt, my neck hurts, my stomach hurts. when i went to the ER they only gave me 800mg Motrin and something else that turned out to be extra strength asudomediphan (sp?) so i could function but was still in a lot of pain from the muscle spasms(they suck) so when i went to see doctor butcher yesterday he gave me muscle relaxers which make me way more comfortable and I'm able to do tasks around my home with minimal pain until i finally succumb to the sleep that they bring on.
anyway there is way more to tell but that's about all that i have the energy for today. I'll go on later.