Saturday, February 02, 2008

10 things you may not know about me

1. I am very, very, shy. yes, people this is the truth, and a lot of times it's taken for snobbiness because I don't say much and I have a tendency to hide behind Justin. I'm not a snob and I'm not a bitch! or anything else of that nature. I am just nervous that I'll say something stupid and I'll look like a dork or an idiot.
2. I don't think I make the best first impressions on people. Because of #1 up there, I think most people don't like me at first, but those that do end up sticking around and letting me come out of my shell end up loving me.
3.My husband and I have only been apart 2 or 3 weekend in the past 51/2 years since we meet.
4.My mom is a graphic designer, and when I was growing up she was super crafty. so it's no wonder to, well, anyone were I get it from.
5. When I was like 4, I was playing with my Babysitter and brother in our living room. My brother was the cowboy, the BS was the momma horse and I was the little baby horse and we were going around the coffee table. I took the corner to fast and bashed my front teeth in! My mom had to pull them back forward and then take me to the ER to have them properly set back in place. One sits slitly turned inward now.
6. I meet my husband when I was 19.
7. I love all 4 of my dogs equally, but Millie is special because she was an engagement present from Justin and I got to picked her out, and Winnipeg is special because she is the first dog that I ever trained by myself and I picked her out, too. Rocco and Tater, I love them to death they are good boys, but they are Justins' boys: rough playing, stinky, and dirty, oh and to big to be laying on my lap and on my couch. Millie and Winnipeg are little and pretty bulldog girls.
8.At this time in my life, I have decided to be a soul scrapper.What this means is not even thinking about design teams and getting published, just scrapbooking because I love it and only when I feel like it. After working in my lss for a year doing their store displays , being dt coordinator, and teaching classes all on top of working there, too. I just decided that was not what I wanted scrapbooking to be for me. I want it to be about me and what I want, and want to remember for the rest of my life, and to make it special for my family. NOT deadlines, themes that don't apply to my life, materials that I don't really like but have to use, and pleasing the masses with something that is supposed to be just for me, so someone else can sell more product. No, that way of scrapbooking is not for me. I'd much rather do it my way and if you like it then I thank you, it really does mean the world to me that you like my work, and if you don't thats fine to, it's your right not to like it, just as much as it is my right to tell you to screw off and leave me alone.
9.My favorite magazine is Country Living.
10.I'm ready to start having babies, but my husband is not. So, sometimes I feel really sad about it even though I feel like I should listen to my husband. He really does have our best interests in mind and his arguments are sound, but sometimes the heart wants what the heart wants.

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