Tuesday, October 23, 2007

i {heart} monkeys ; )

Justin had taken me to the zoo earlier this month and we ran into Tim. We spent most of the day with him getting some camera lessons and I got to use his sweet zoom lens. I got some awesome shots of some of the animals with it.

Then a few days later I went with my Mom, Jackie, and Gage and got some really great shots of my little man and somemore of the animals. I just love taking picture at the zoo.
here is the little dude feeding the giraffe . I was so proud of him there was a time that this would have totally freaked him out, but he was all gung hoe about it. Not even scared a little bit. Way to go buddy you are rocking the whole brave little boy thing. Mom, Jackie, and Gage. Cute picture. It's different spending the day with Moms not being one myself. they just always have that MOM air about them because ....well because they are Moms. I wish I could be there with them. All in due time, I guess. We both have to be ready, right?
Anyway, Gage has been cracking me up. He has left the baby stage of his wee little life and entered into that of a little boy, with all the dirt, energy, and toughness that goes with that title. Although he does still break into the spontaneous crying thing when he really does not want to do something. I found this out when I took him to the new jungle playground they put in at the Jacksonville Zoo, he really did not want to go down the slide and even ran away from me and Jackie, the wrong way I might add! I totally had to run to get him. I laughed so hard and felt a little bad about it because he was so upset. But it was so damn funny with Jackie going down the slide and getting her butt all wet and Gage running away screaming in the other direction. There was just no convincing him to go down the slide not even if mommy went too. Anyway he redeemed him self later he just prefers apparatuses of the monkeying kind. That boy is quite
the climber!