Thursday, October 11, 2007

Well hello stranger............

OK OK I know long time no see. I've just had so much going on. Well first I'm no long working at Scrapbook Heaven. . . . long story, no need to dwell. I have on the other hand, been working with Marla and Dwight on the landscaping business and has been really great. We are trying to grown as much as possible in the next year so Justin can join us. oh, i painted the living room a lovely color named "Parrot Green".

and i found this really cool "crafts" at the thrift store for $12 which has been making me so happy for the past few weeks to see it in my living room. Livie turned 17. You know this is a big thing for me. Justin and i started dating when she was 11 and now she's almost grown. this freaks me out in two major ways....... 1. well the obvious SHE'S ALMOST GROWN!!!!!!!!!!!.....I feel like she's my baby sister and that's just crazy to me that she's 17 and doing all the things 17 year old do, poor Justin I think he's more freaked out than me but it's not something he likes to talk about. and 2. it just makes me feel old that she'll be a grown up next year. i really liked the barbie doll playing Lizzie Maguire watching Livie. and I'm sad to think that Livie is gone for good and replaced with a grown up, even if i do really like the grown up she's become. oh well they all grow up some time. it's just weird to feel this way martin and i are so close in age it was not noticeable with him. in fact he was out of the house before me so.......yeah I've never experienced this feeling. it makes me sad and happy and confused but wiser all at the same time. oh gosh life has had my mind in a bind lately, trying to figure out what I want for the future, for Justin and me together. I think he forgets there's no I in us. but then I'm not perfect either so I'll just keep reminding him. he loves me and that's something I'm sure of and for than he gets everything i am no questions asked. OK I'm getting a little heavy and probably not making sense anymore so I'm gonna end here. I'll be back soon with some more exciting posts. ta for now.

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