Wednesday, May 30, 2007

My baby boy

today he got fixed. we left this morning at 8:15 to get to the vet. he hates car rides so even though he got in the car with little effort, he was shaking in the back seat, enough so that it was shaking my seat too. he seemed so scared i considered turning around and coming back home. but eventually he calmed down enough that we could get on with it and go to the animal hospital. once we got to the vet he was is usual sweet self letting every stranger that called to him give a pet while wagging his tail. they don't give you much time before they take your pet though and i was terrified to leave him, i though i would have a chance to stay with him for a while at least till he was settled in. after they took him i could see him looking for me while the vet techs weighed him. i was desperate to keep my eyes on him, I've never just handed my dogs over to anyone, let alone to have them cut my dog open. but it was something we had to have done so i bit my tongue and let go, at least for that little while. they said call around 2:00 and we'll let you know when he will be ready to go home, so i left and waited by the phone all day just in case something went wrong i could rush back and get to my baby. and at 1:50 i was calling to find out (sorry but i just couldn't wait another 10 minutes i had to know) they said he was doing fine and i could come get him at 2:30. hooray my sugar bear was fine! so i let the others out to potty, put them back up and off i went to get my boy. while i waited they said that after i left he kept looking for me, i could of cried, my poor boy had thought i left him for good i was sure. but soon they brought him out to me, the look on his face i could tell he was stressed and disoriented. i have never been so ready to go home and i don't think my boy had ever been more ready either. he never jumps right in the car but this time i didn't even have to say a thing he jumped right in. on the way home he cried and whined most of the way home making me feel even worse than i already did, not sure if he was in pain or mad at me for having him fixed. so now we are home and i;m very happy to have him home. he's sleeping now. i'll give him the pain meds at 8:00 like the doc said and we will move on.