Friday, May 25, 2007

so much to talk about after 10days away from here.

this dog....... what am i going to do with him. i was not ready for this yet. I'm not done raising him and Winnipeg yet. Millie wasn't even bleeding. maybe she's not really in heat yet. maybe he was just over zealous. Justin said she didn't want him to. she was just tired and he caught her. i am so not ready to raise puppies again. i mean it was always the planthats why we picked him, but i have so much to do in the next 2months now so as to not end up with any nasty dog fights. Millie was extremely protective with rocks and wins litter. she would not let tater with in 30 feet of the bedroom! so now taterhas to go to get neutered on wed. the 30th. I'm a little worried. i mean my guys are big and I'm accustomed to dealing with them, but I've seen tater scared before. now this dog is the sweetest guy i know, wouldn't hurt a fly, but when he freaks out he goes a little crazy trying to get away and I'm nervous to let someone else handle him. i know how to calm him down but do they?

why!why!why! I'm not ready for this I'm still raising two from the first litter! why!why! no! I'm not ready!
anyway on to happier news........look at my new fence! oh and new bushes! daddy came over Sunday and him and Justin put it up. Then they cut my grass! which really makes me happy because it had not been cut in months! months people! we own a landscape business and my lawn was not cut in months! this was due to a few things A. daddy has so many contracts now that he has a hard time getting up here to do it. B. Justin has one day off a week from the restaurant. and C. I've never cut the grass in my life but even if i had wanted to cut it my self we don't have a lawnmower at least not one that stays at our house, so my lawn was not cut in months! but now it is and i'm happy and greatful to my mens! = )
oh another little happy thought my new tape n roller plus. so happy to have this little gadget in my possession came in yesterday and i got to bring her home tonight plus two refills just in case i go through all 33ft tonight!
something for all you vayniacs and wine people out there here's the J-man and irock sporting their vayniac wristband and i personally think they both look super duper awesome and should be on the next photo montage and i don't know why Gary has not had them on it yet! anyway love we you gary your part of the southwell home and welcome anytime. and for those of you not in the know, if you like wine and/or your a child of the 80's go here it will change your wine world!
so this is Anzenas Cannonau di Sardegna 2005 vintage, Italian red wine. it was on the dryer end of my spectrum good though took me all night to id the cranberry juice flavor and i only made it to that because j helped me get there. all i could think was "i like this. i really really do but i have no idea what i am tasting!" the nose was tight(this may have been just me) so i was not having much luck with smell. i believe j said it was a manily grenache based wine but I'm not sure? when he gets home tonight I'll ask and update this. anyway i give this wine 85points because i liked it. would drink it again for everyday but it's not like the best wine ever plus i had a hard time pulling the flavors out and to me it did not seem to have much depth.justin thinks it drinks like water and still really liked it after 4days me, i'm still a sipper on this one. I'm pretty sure j got this at wine library for $10 a bottle so ya know for $10 it's a great wine.
just a note and please take my advice- your not gonna like this if you don't like dry wine and you'll think I'm crazy for saying this is good wine(this really is good wine) it if your an arbor mist or any other fake wine drinker. this is real wine not alcoholic kool aid. sorry if thats sounds mean but it took me quite a while to get to this point my self and j had to start me at the bottom with Rieslings (sweet white wine, grapes are almost over ripe when the make the wine so it has a high sugar content)
now this this here is something amazing. this Clos De L'Oratoire Des Papes
chateauneuf-du-pape 2004 vintage. j brought this home for $20 but that was wholesale from the restaurant i think he said its $50 a bottle at Le Clos. this wine is awesome it's been a week now since we drank it and still the bottle smells so nice like strawberries and Cherry's and chocolates. real fleshy red fruit. man i wish i was drinking it right now. french people make the best wine. i think if your having a special occasion and you want a nice bottle this one is it! it will make you feel so good inside i promise. it was on the sweet side but not desert sweet like fresh fruit sweet. we drank it with pizza (topping- feta,chicken,spinach,and artichoke hearts) awesome combo.
just wanted to share something fun from my studio i found this star photo holder at heavenly treasures a while back and spray painted it black to match my room. love it don't you!
and my dresser top redid it when Marla brought me my new couch and i forgot to take a pic. love love love waking up to this site at the end of the bed every morning. so many pretty colors to wake up to.
this was some thing we has for Sunday supper a while ago. not sure what the wine was i think it may have been the Bordeaux but I'm not super sure it really has been a while. anyway this is everything off the Weber grill night cause the oven heats the house to much night. the menu: ribeye steak, green beans and new potato's, grilled corn on the cob, and grilled corn tortillas (the fresh kind from the cooler section). it was yummy. i liked eating it.
and now i will leave you with some pretty eye candy from my studio. my last few projects that i have not had the chance to post on here till now = )

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