Wednesday, May 02, 2007

yah for me, new shoes!

I hit up the local shoe store today to get some new flip flops and ended up coming home with 3 new pairs of shoes. So, I now have all my spring/summer basics down. Now I just have to get the outfits to go with them{^_^}. First up my super cute new Rocket Dog flats.(I have to confess I'm a little obsessed with Rocket Dog shoes these days this is my second set in about 3months)

and next up are my lovely new sandals from Union Bay. I got them on sale for 12.95 from 24.99. They make me happy=). I call them sandals not flip flops since they feel more like shoes with the heavy foot bed on them.

and last but not least i found these fabulous wedges. I'm in love with them, can you tell. I can't wait to find a cute rockabilly chic outfit to go with them. Plus I'm thinking Justin is really gonna dig them because he's always asking "why don't you have a pair of shoes like those?" when we see similar one at the mall or around town.

oh and here is my wonderful new nail color, its haute chocolate by Sally Hansen. I wanted something vampy and dark, but wanted to stay away from black. this is what I found and I'm totally loving this color. I'm sporting it here in all the pics.

Anyway that about it for excitment today. Oh, yesterday I got a new light for my scrap room I'll get some pictures soon to post. I'm gonna get some new curtains for in there Friday so I'll take the pictures then. see ya later.