Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Hold on to your hats, this is gonna be a long one.

First off, my new favorite snack! Yummy! A cookie that is {semi} good for you! Who would have thought. I just love this company {Kashi}. They have so much good coming out right know and this is one of my favorites. these cookies are just what the picture looks like GOOD! GOOD! GOOD! I like my cookies with a hot chi latte {Tazo organic chai, not that fake Oregon chai mix stuff}. I've included the back of the box so you guys can see what kind of goodness your missing, if you have not tried these yet. =)

Next up Sunday night dinner. I love Sunday night dinner it's the only night a week i get to eat Justin food.
So here we have a modified Coq Au Vin(chicken braised in wine, but instead of braising, we browned everything then cooked it in a pressure cooker so we could eat in 30min rather than 3 hours) with garlic smashed potatoes all in a blue cheese cream sauce with crumbed danish blue cheese on top and tempura battered asparagus and squash blossoms(squash blossoms were fresh from our garden). To drink a 2002 Chateau Valrose, decanted for a half day. This meal was just amazing even with mushrooms and chicken necks in with the chicken (two of my NOT favorites) Justin is a gobbler when he likes something, he was so cute licking his plate (a habit I'm not sure he knows he has), he ate two full plate to my one! not me i ate slowly so i could get the full taste of my food along with my wine. I tasted the wine a few times before eating and a liked it very much as a dryer red (not horribly dry but you know that earthy, dirty, leathery taste that makes your mouth feel like the dentist swabbed your mouth with the special dentist cotton, and this may be a just me thing, but if you under stand what that meant right on sister!)
but once I started eating, oh my gosh this wine paired with blue cheese, AMAZING! I know it was the blue cheese, it's the one flavor in this dish that would linger, and then to taste the wine you got this candied fruit flavor, like grown up Kool Aid.
Now if your a super awesome wine person, I know, I know, I'm not very good with my descriptors yet, but I'm trying so don't be a wine asshole and make fun of me. I'm still working on my pallat. But it's tough to get the gumption to eat dirt or smell cat piss. OK so I'm so, so, so, so in love with my new-to-me couch. and NO DOGS ARE ALLOWED ON MY NEW COUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
My very awesome mother-in-law(along with maw-maw and Nicky, Olivia, AND Cindy-who I'm sure came partly to check up on me and my cleaning skills because it only take two to bring the couch in, but luckily I have been cleaning for the past two days) brought it over to me today, it was the one she had up stairs in the office but she found one with a sleeper in it so Livy would have a bed when maw-maw or papa comes to visit. So now it's mine= ). I always liked it better that the one we had. It's dark green really but to me it always looks charcoal grey or soft black even in this picture,(when i look at really close it looks like a charcoal grey and leaf green weave, but the charcoal may be a really dark olive?I'm not really sure). Anyway, It's not really a smaller couch, but less bulky one, so it takes up less area and suits the long narrow living space in our house better. anyway after everyone left i took a trip to wally world {yuck i know, but today was not the day to go an hour to target, and i need stuff from there anyway for the garden} and found those righteous fern print pillows for $7each, picked up the solid brown chenille ones too for $9.95each{?} had the little green ones and the throw blanket. When I got it all set up. I just had to sit back and smile. It's such a great look for less than $40 bucks. Now I just need to get an area rug (I have my eye on an apple green shag one I saw at Lowe's, I'll have to spurge when I get paid again) and paint then i think I'll be a bit happier with my whole look.
So, now on to my plan to keep the dogs off the couch. I took the seat cushions from the old couch and gave then to the dogs as beds. So far they are very happy with this arrangement and I've had very little resistance when I have had to tell them to get off the couch and go lay on their beds. Tater is especially happy about his new bed and has not been off it for more than a few minutes all evening. I want to sew some new covers for the cushions to make then look a bit nicer. anyway i guess that's about it for tonight. I'm tired of typing and I'm sure your tired of reading. and really i don't have much more to say. so bye.

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