Wednesday, May 02, 2007

one more time

Sorry to be at this again so soon. I just love blogging about food in our house. Partly because Justin just make such beautiful food (he better for the money Kathrine pays him) and well, when I cook I'm just so darn proud of doing it by myself, I have to tell everyone about it.
So, anyway we hit up the flea market this weekend and got some really great produce. I'm never sure where to go with fresh veggies (cooking wise) other than stir fry, which i made for dinner yesterday,sorry no pics we ate it all. yummo! so I asked Justin for some ideas yesterday and he said I should make a veggie lasagna. We had made one together a while back so I just kind of made it again from memory. It turned out so beautiful, I just had to take some pictures for you guys to see.
My lasagna is sporting my vintage Le Creuset orange lasagna pan that Maw Maw(j grandma) got for us from a yard sale right after we got married (we collect vintage Le Creuset preferably in Le Creuset orange). I looove this pan! It just makes our food look so pretty, but it's hard to get in and out of the oven because of the handles, so I only use it every once and awhile for dishes like this.
and last but not really last,these are my designs for my mothers day card class at scrapbook heaven this week . I'll be teaching it this Thursday(tomorrow) and I think we may even schedule a second class for Tuesday next week. If your in the St Marys area come check it out.