Monday, January 28, 2008

insert snappy title here.

Alright so what was on the agenda today. well i worked on those special order notebook for Marla.i got some cute crafting kits up at they have lots of vintage goody's in them, plus lot's and lot's of other crafty nicks and nacks.

and thats about all for today. oh but i did get my Red velvet quilt kit on Saturday! i was so excited to put this thing together. i had the quit top put together and pined by the time i went to sleep Saturday night, and i had it finished by Sunday evening for Justin and i to snuggle under while we watched some movies . I'm so ready to put the next quilt together! Justins excited too! we are gonna go together to goodwill and pick out all the fabrics! super fun fun fun!i did change the muslin quit back that came with the kit out for that cute owl print i got at urban outfitters a few weeks ago. i think that was a great move . makes it have a little more of my personality.

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