Monday, January 21, 2008

thrifted vs. new

So I went to my local good will today and picked up these little beauties.
and last week i took a trip to urban outfitters and picked up these cutie pies!
I can't wait to make some lovelies for the shop and my home with them. And just to be a tease , here a sneak peek of a shop update to come by the end of the week ! so be excited, very,very excited ! I know I am.
*Special note to Marla. So I went to the scrapbook store and got the paper you asked for and these others for your order. I hope they will be good for you. <3 heather

on another note . here are some super cute vintage greeting cards i got last week . I'll be making up some ephemera kits for the shop and putting some of them up for sale. so be looking for that update also.

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Anonymous said...

I like the patterns. I'd like to see more of your sewing work. Do you make custom handbags?

I bet they're a great gift for birthdays. Great for moms and grandmothers, you know they can be hip too.