Wednesday, October 29, 2008


I DID THE STUPIDEST THING TODAY!!!!!!! i gave a stranger a ride. he just came to my car window and started begging me to take him back to his truck. i was TERRIFIED! i really really wanted to say NO! i should have said NO! everything in me said to tell this man NO! in fact i said NO 3 or 4 times and he just kept pleading with me. so why did i do it? because I'm a soft hearted person and a very stupid girl and i felt sorry for him. but that does not excuse me from this great big lack of judgement!
this time everything turnout just fine. he was polite and well mannered (I'm sure ted bundy was too, heather!) i dropped him off and drove strait home, scared out of my wits at what i had just done . YOU SHOULD NEVER EVER EVER LET A STRANGER IN YOUR CAR EVER!!!!!!!
anyway now i'm filled with a happy feeling that i went out of my comfort zone to help someone, but my days of giving strangers rides are behind me now. i don't like having panic attacks (which i was having from the moment he came to my car till the moment i shut my front door at home), my chest gets all tight and my skin crawls. so we'll just say this is a first and last for me. To hell with being a good Samaritan, i value myself more <-----that's what i learned today.