Friday, October 31, 2008

ok, so we went to see mawmaw a while back...........

maybe a month or so ago. it was a blast as always. we had lunch with her and papa Nicky. and did lots of farm stuff. i didn't take a ton of pictures but here are a few of the ones i did.

Justin and maw maw out by the barn.
don't you just love Justin's sunglasses. maw maw will kill me for posting this picture because she doesn't have her face on, but i think she looks pretty.

and here is our main reason for the trip! our extra roo's and a hen. we took them a white Japanese banie roo and hen, a black Japanese banie roo, and a barred game banie roo. ( the one we sent to the stock pot was an old English game banie, just like the one in the corner of the picture below.)

this is Lady, papa Nicky's dog. she's keeping a watch on the chickens and horses from the barn steps.

one of maw maws hens with her bitties. she will NOT! let you near those chicks no matter what.

this is maw maws fancy Cochin roo. i think he's so pretty. Justin thinks he's a Cochin mix but not sure what with.
anyway that was about it for our trip. oh, Justin went for a ride on Nicky's mare, her name's patty, he said he let her loose and she was going so fast he thought he might die if he fell, and then later he found out from his mom that her parents were through breed race horses. Justin said he can't wait to ride shadow their colt after Nicky brakes him. not me I'm not a horse riding girl. but i do like to feed him lots of alfalfa treats :)