Monday, October 27, 2008

so......these are my chickens.

We raised them from day old chicks (aka bitty's, incase you did know that one :)). They are silkies ,2 White hens ,2 Partridge;1hen and 1 roo, and 1 Buff hen. Aren't they just the fluffiest little fluffy things you ever saw. they have black skin under their feathers, and are said to be medicinal to eat.(not that we plan on it or anything, but it seems to be a favorite bit of information to Justin when he speaks of them.he always gives his cute little "wouldn't that be good to eat,because i'm a cook and i would like to cook it." face that he gets about that kind of thing. )
and these are my other chicken that went to live on the farm with maw maw (I'll tell that story tomorrow, we have a lot to catch up on.) minus one that "went to the stockpot" (saw this saying somewhere and now its my favorite.) for crowing allllllllldaaaaaaaaylooooonnnnngggggggggg!!!!!!!!!!!@#$%*@#$%*@#$%*!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Justin just lost his poor little mind that day and bud the rooster had to go. but after the best chicken and rice I've ever had, he decided he did not really like that part and we would just take them to maw maws if we can.
Anyway, back to the silkies. they live in our garden. it is a quit suitable arrangement,Justin built us a 8x8x4 foot pen and we bought a pre-fab dog house from Lowe's and converted it into a chicken coup. (it was to flipp'n perfect the roof even lifts up for cleaning and/or egg gathering.) we move it over a patch at a time ever few weeks or so, and plant up a new patch of garden, and in turn they peck up the ground and eat up all the bugs and weeds and fertilize the soil for the next time we move them.
they like to spend there free time out of the pin under my Turks cap bush. they roll around in the dust under neither and they hide deep in the middle when that darn orange cat comes plotting on them. I'll have to get some better pictures for you some time.
my puffy white silkie would just like to say "you should of listened to Dr.Paul. but no, now we're all going to shit. thanks a lot wall street."
my dear miss puff silkie, i dare say i agree with you for the most. I'm terribly conflicted about what I'm going to do come election day. maybe I'll decide when i get in there.

Mabel, the buff silkie thinks we can't see her behind the grass because she's a ninja chicken. we like to let her believe that. keeps up the moral in the pen. we're hoping for eggs anyday now.