Thursday, March 20, 2008

3 years and still going strong...........................

You know, Justin really is the love of my life. No matter what we fight about, we always makeup. He always has my back no matter how much of an idiot I am sometimes.
He always surprises me, when I'm sure I've really messed up, he stays by me.
My mom was a single parent so I never saw that kind of love and forgiveness between a husband and wife when I was growing up, so for him to just give me that kind of love ....well it makes me cry......a happy cry , but the tears roll down just the same.
He is so amazing to me and it makes me love him more.
He makes me want to be stronger and smarter and better just so I can show him his love is not wasted on me. My heart beats faster when he's around, still!, even after 5 years together.
so this post is for you babe! I love you and happy anniversary!

This is the layout I did for the junk challenge at poppy ink. Since yesterday was our anniversary,I decided it was the perfect time to pull out some of my wedding picture and have a go at the challenge with them . Also decided that it should center around my sweet husband !
my challenge was to:
*have at least 5 words in my title
*use at least 3 photos
*use 5 different ribbons
This is the aftermath of my little scrap session. See my soda ! Justin can't drink the stuff so we don't keep it in the house , but there is a corner store a block away so I often get one when I'm "working". I know it's bad for me but , Dr pepper is so good and tasty.In other anniversary news............ Justin got a box from Zappo's this morning , but he was out working with daddy . So I called him to let him know it was here ,and you know what he said ....."Oh that's for you .It's your anniversary present. Something leather" so I said "Oh really do you want me to open it now with you on the phone, or wait till you get home tonight?" Justin: "you can open it now." me: "OK, let me get a knife"........."i see a Birki's box, Justin what is this? what did you get? " Justin: "something leather, just open it and see?" .................................... me:"OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!! (I know this is bad to say but I always do when I'm really really excited) These are my new favorite shoes. Oh and look they make a heart when you put your feet together, these are so perfect. Olivia (my sister in law that's 17) will be so jealous (I say this when ever I get cool new shoes). Oh babe thank you so much I love them!"
He told me he only ordered them yesterday, and they came with free shipping so hey Zappo's really lived up to there promise
here's something funny , this was the Woot! shirt of the day
about a week or so ago and we just thought it was way to perfect!
Justin ,who is very Irish/Scottish, is also a self proclaimed pirate! but so is everyone else from Fernandina beach(the island has a history of being a pirate hideaway) . we were hoping it would get here for st. patty's but it got here the day after. oh well there's always next year! but it's super cute!right? love this little pirate running away!look at that bottle of rum! he he! i love pirates ! especially my pirate husband! Oh! here is a before and after of my duvet . I got it dyed the other day and I'm super happy with the results! I just love that shade of aqua. And here is something pretty to look at my vintage button collection . Most of these came from Maw maw's when we were visiting last week but, a few I had found at the antique shop for a reasonable price. Anyway I had better get a move on it. The day is getting away from me very quickly and there is always something to do around the Southwell house.
later alligators,

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Congrats, that's alovely picture of you both. BTW I so can relate to your Dr. Pepper dilemma..LOL