Wednesday, March 05, 2008

hello friends

As promised this post will be full of all the loveliness I've been up to these days . For starters here is Justin's quilt that I mentioned in my last few posts.Yes,yes it is a rather man-ly color scheme I know, but remember it was FOR my man. ......although in the last two days since I finished him, he has been enjoying a little "brake'n it in" my moi! He is quit a cozy little fellow, perfect for laying about on the couch with a good movie and some good wine. But, while I am very glad to have him join our little family, his birth has all but done in my little sewing machine, she is still breathing, but the labor took a toll on her petite frame and we'll just have to wait and see for know. Hopefully she'll last me for my next few projects. I have living room curtains, pillow covers , and slipcovers for the head and foot boards on my bed planned out for myself, but more importantly i have an order due before Saturday!
This pretty little patch work is more my mom-in-law,Marla.
They will be the curtains in the bathrooms at her new venture "shop" a.k.a "spiritual house of prayer" She tells me it's not ,church or a part of church, it's just a place for praise and worship . Here is the lamp I told you about . Pretty huh! that fabric is what my living room curtains are gonna be . I got it over at urban outfitters on the clearance wall :) happy me

lastly here is some layouts I've done lately . i just realized i have not been posting them over here like i used to, so I'm gonna try to remember to put them over here . anyway i guess I've procrastinated long enough those curtains are not gonna make them selves you know .
peace out ! hommie,
Heather Marie<3p.s. sorry about the links to those pictures, I can't figure out how to take them off.

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