Sunday, March 16, 2008

Day 5 burn update, plus some random loveliness....

Millie says "it's a beautiful day to take a nap on momma and daddy's bed!"

Anyway back to what I'm really supposed to be talking about. I'm at day 5 from burning myself . The large blister that was on my index finger has busted just today. I'm not surprised , it had been getting bigger by the day and the skin had been looking thinner in the spot it opened at. I had so much fluid in that one blister that it soaked my bandages through.
That blister on the top of my thumb is getting pretty big now . My hand is sore, but not painful and my motion is less restricted since the swelling subsided. My thumb is still a bit throby due to a 1st degree burn on the tip.
And here is what my leg looks like. A few of the burns have been opened my dogs jumping on my leg. all of these are 1st degree, but they are very sore and makes standing and walking in shoes some what painful but nothing I can't handle.
I got a good pair of kitchen gloves today, in pink! Really happy about getting the dishes done with out worrying about my bandages getting wet.
and really excited that I'll be able to dye my duvet cover I got from Mawmaw tomorrow. I also plan to add some pretty doilies and applique and make it very Dottie angel-esk
Got this little project started today. The pot is for my little fake orange tree and the frames will hang under my crafts sign. I have not decided what will go in them pictures or pattern paper , maybe both. I found them in the barn at Mawmaws and asked if she cared if i painted them . see said no and now they are sporting a nice shade of sun yellow from Krylon. i think this will look much better against my parrot green walls than the antique gold they used to sport. I was totally inspired by some frames I'd seen at urban outfitters a few months ago as soon as i say them in the barn.
oh no! a wild mongrel is going to get me and eat me!
oh wait that's only the "partially trained mongrel" Rocco. He's only charging to investigate mommas camera! then he checks his back to make sure that cats not next door to ruin the pet fest he's about to get.
Well I guess thats all for today. I need to go put those new gloves to work and then get some dinner going. Justin may not get home till late, but he's always hungry.
later alligators,

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