Monday, March 03, 2008

post #100

well, i never thought I'd get here to the big 1-0-0, but it's done so.....whew!

anywho.............. I've had my self plenty busy. how about you?
so far, just today, i have remodeled an old dusty lamp with a good shape, finished quilting Justin's quilt and have started putting the binding together, dyed some linens a lovely shade of yellow, finished up the wash, did the dishes, and almost burned down the kitchen trying to make something to eat.

the rest of the week looks plenty fun filled also. Marla has asked me to make her some curtains for the bathrooms at "shop" on top of the giant bulletin board she asked me to work on, which all needs to be done by Saturday i believe, plus she wants to go to mawmaws one day this week, so I'm hoping we go because there are some great thrift shops up there with lots of old lady stuff that is just waiting to be found and turned in to young and trendy lady stuff.

i'll be back some time this week for a good long update post. and hopfully i'll have some pictures to go along with it if i can get my digi cam to work for me. lord knows i have plenty to share!

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