Monday, March 17, 2008

Spring is here in Georgia.................

and I'm so excited to see my trees blooming again. This red bud tree had been bush hogged before we bought the house. In just 3 years it has come back and I have to say it's one of my favorites ,especially in the spring.Time to plant my vegetables and herbs. really excited about the radishes! Justin told me I could do them in pots so I'm really excited to see them turn out. Justin has beans and squash to plant in the patch also.
along with the eggplant and tomatoes we seeded today. I've also got some zinnias seeded in there. I just love these jiffy seed starter trays. We have used them for the past few years and we always have good luck with them.

here's my pretty yellow pot that i painted yesterday. I just love the pop of color I get with my little orange tree and lovely lamp as soon as i walk in the door.

my poppy kit came today. hurrah! also finally got a pic of my junk challenge kit. i think I'm gonna do a layout about Justin for the challenge since our anniversary is Wednesday.

these little prettys are for my cj group. got to get them shipped off to des soon!
well i guess I'd better go for today. Winnie looks like she's not so happy i woke her up for a picture. i better go snuggle up to her so she'll forgive me. ha!
later alligators,

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